Strike Guard is the story of Abolaji Coker a college undergraduate at the university of Lagos, Political Science. After being murdered by a cult group (gang) and dumped in a pit which happened to be the grave of Yoruba deity “Ajagbeja”, he is given a second go to live but with Ajagbeja’s spirit  using his body as a host. He agrees and becomes strike guard (the last illustrated character by his murdered best friend Antai who was a comic artist) vowing to use his powers to avenge the cult group that murdered both him and his innocent best friend and eventually fight for the helpless people of Lagos against an unleashed new wave of spirit entities.

Strike Guard “Awon Ibere” Issue #1

Some really cool stuff go down in Issue one, here we experience the origin of Strike Guard but from an angle of Soliloquy as he speaks to himself on how the world seems to be crashing around him this brings us to the first  reason:

1. ABOLAJI COKER IS CRAZY, Yes we said it!!

Firstly he has a millennium old deity in his head and he lives with it, Abolaji coker needs mountain of fire ministers to live with him at his hostel for at least 1 week and Ajagbeja would find his square root, Haba, which kind of Juju is that, basically he is possessed and he is forming strike guard, if we report his situation would he not be at Yaba left by now? Strike take time o, we don’t like it.

Still on the crazy, of all things to do after being “willfully possessed” by a Yoruba demon that cannot watch his mouth he went to find tailor to make a spandex yellow and blue uniform, NA WA, Oga strike na you dey reign o, you will not calm down and move to Ibadan where you can manage yourself,  you decided to become spider man, good luck!



Unlike Clarke Kent (Super Man), Peter Parker (Spider Man) and Bruce Wayne (Batman), Mr. Abolaji Coker (Strike Guard) is in love with the reason he is in this mess in the first place does it not seem like this Chi Chi girl has used Jazz to hold this boy? there is a lot of Jazz in hidden places in this comic, but we can’t even blame her it is Abolaji Coker that carried his legs to go a toast “Iya Cultist” .


Yes!! it can! We all know jazz is real and it is ready to occur anytime, any day and anywhere, don’t go and accidentally fall inside a pit that used to be the burial ground for Sango o, your situation might not come with super powers you’ll just be experiencing witch craft “PRIVATELY” . But seriously now, think about it you have heard of people possessed that fly at night, turn to cats, dogs, Strike situation is not far off.


Have you met Ajagbeja?

LOORRRDDD! he is ANNNOYYIING, the way he laughs, the way he brings trouble by just… pretty much… existing and the way he appears in the mirror when Abolaji coker is trying to check him self out and most importantly .. why does he not just … SHUT UP anyway Abolaji Coker has to deal with this and does a pretty good job at it while he is at it, we respect his patience, he truly would have used his power more effectively in a monastery.


Spiritual GPS?! in BEADS OF FURY (Issue 1) strike guard was beaten black and blue because of he was busy cracking jokes instead of cracking bones, but he we can’t complain it really had us laughing for half the comic but our brother must focus cause not every time play, sometimes calm down and win battles, anyway this humour brings it down to a natural level, Abolaji coker has a sharp mouth and we all know Nigerian people fight with both their mouth and their fist so it all kinda makes sense.


Imagine what he’s going through at the moment, Died, came back, girlfriend DRAMA, Lost his best friend, has a secret no body can afford to know about and an alter ego which doesn’t make that easier he has suddenly become responsible for everyone around him, because all the spiritual catastrophe is as a result to uncle Ajagbz that has used his body for 5 bedroom flat. Ayodele has stormed the entire vortex just because he believes that the art for Ajabz was not designed as only “HE” imagined.

Ajagbeja standing over a lifeless Abolaji Coker Lines by Sunkanmi Akinboye Colours by Waliu Edu

Thats all for the Squeeze hope your enjoyed us chopping and screwing the STRIKE GUARD ISSUE 1 like we did till the next comic!


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