Hi VX Lovers!

As we prepare to drop another cross-over comic series SECRET SOCIETY this is targeted at our alternative comic reader fan base featuring characters such as OJUJU, ANIKULAPO, RE-LEGION and a host of new exciting characters as a build up we are here again with our interviews of amazing talents that we are working on the project with globally. With us in the house is a powerful Afro-forward illustrator and digital artist. As a female in the art industry she inspires a generation like talent and stand out with her honest strong and detailed digital painting style.


Brittany Lewis expressing her immortal technique at a Comic Con exhibition.

“I Think Its important that kids look up to character that look like them and tell thier story”


B. Lewis at her work station while working on some SECRET SOCIETY SERIES Covers.

OJUJU - Secret Society

Inspired by the Eyo, Ninzo & Okoroshi Masquerades Art by Britanny Lewis

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